I OWE A DEBT OF GRATITUDE to my late father, Mike Cartwright, for instilling in me at a young age the knowledge and appreciation for landscaping. We spent countless hours working together in our family’s yard. My dad impressed upon me that no detail is ever too small and without his early tutelage, there would be no Cartwright Landscaping as it exists today.

In January 2011, I left behind a legal career to follow my passion and founded Cartwright Landscaping to fill a niche opportunity in the local market by addressing the finer details of landscape upkeep, health, and aesthetics. Most local companies exhibited a noticeable void when it came to addressing these finer details and many local projects seemed to lack vision, consistency, and cohesion.


Our initial crew of four VCU sculpture students serviced Richmond’s Malvern area within a five mile radius of my 150 square foot backyard shed. The plan was to saturate this service area with our crews and work trucks. We hand delivered work fliers to residences and placed Cartwright Landscaping signs in the yards where we completed work. We aimed to maximize visibility and to build a solid reputation in a confined service area by doing exceptional work.

After several years of successful business, our mission remains the same: “to make Cartwright Landscaping the best full service design, installation, and maintenance company in Richmond.” We strive daily to achieve this mission by providing outstanding personal service, creating an exceptional work product, and offering extensive horticultural knowledge and experience. We have developed an outstanding reputation and employ an extremely passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff.

Cartwright Landscaping is also a proud member of both the Central Virginia Nursery & Landscaping Association and Virginia Nursery & Landscaping Association.

We look very forward to have the opportunity to work with you on your project!

Very best regards,
Jeff Cartwright, Owner