Irrigation System Design & Installation

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Cartwright Landscaping is a full-service irrigation system installer, and takes care of the entire permitting process. We use the highest quality materials with a history of success and longevity to guarantee leak-proof, durable and efficient, customized irrigation solutions.

Whereas many competitors dig trenches – causing more damage than necessary – during our installations, we take great care to minimize lawn damage by using the industry’s best equipment to slice into the ground, then surgically pull piping underground.

In addition, all installations include a three-year warranty.

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If you’d like to discuss your plans for an irrigation system, contact us to schedule a convenient time to meet with owner Jeff Cartwright.

More about our installation services:

Following installation, any lawn damage will be addressed free of charge in the Fall.

All installations include high-end, user-friendly, water resistant Hunter control boxes with a rain sensor to suspend watering whenever it rains or the ground is saturated.

By law, each irrigation system is equipped with an emergency back flow preventer, which supplies water via a connection to your home’s main water line, and, if needed, serves as an emergency cut off.

Learn about our process:

1. Initial Consultation

1 When we survey your property, we’ll discuss options for irrigation installation in both lawn and planting bed areas, as well as the number of irrigation zones and configurations required to ensure the most efficient irrigation, while minimizing run-off.

Five to six irrigation heads are included in each zone, depending on the water pressure at the property.

2. Planning

2 Next, we’ll determine where to install the Hunter weather-resistant, irrigation control box, the rain sensor and the emergency back flow preventer.

The control box can be placed indoors or outdoors, but no further than four feet from an electric outlet, which we can install if needed.

A 3” x 3” rain sensor will be placed out of sight (for aesthetic reasons) on an elevated area open to the sky – often on the rear gutter of your home.

We’ll ask you to pick two to three locations along the foundation of your home for a licensed master plumber to install the emergency back flow preventer where the 2‘ x 2’ preventer can be hidden behind landscaping or in a low-traffic area, while allowing access to the main water line.

3. Interior Plumbing

3 Once we have determined where to install the emergency back flow preventer, our master plumber will need access to your crawl-space or basement to connect to the main water line.

This usually takes about two hours, but if the main water line is tough to access, the process can take longer.

4. Exterior Installation

4 Using the industry’s best irrigation installation equipment, we’ll slice into the ground and then surgically pull piping underground.

Once all zones have been set, we’ll install and seal irrigation heads, then test and program all zones and timing. This ensures all irrigation heads are working properly and cover all required areas.

5. Training & System Programming

5 Once the system is fully installed and operational, and we have completed our quality testing, we’ll show you how the system works, how to program watering times for each zone, and review maintenance instructions.
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