Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

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Cartwright Landscaping designs and is licensed to install creative, innovative uplighting systems to illuminate residence facades, trees, walks or to accent hardscapes.

Uplighting is a great way to establish or enhance the night time curb appeal of your residence or your landscaping. Uplighting also provides security to your residence due to increased illumination.

We provide free uplighting consultations at which time we survey your property and discuss your ideas and desires related to uplighting on your property.

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Contact Cartwright Landscaping for a free consultation to discuss and design a custom uplighting system to greatly enhance the night time aesthetics of your property.

Learn about our process:

At the initial consultation, we’ll also provide and will review with you literature providing numerous uplighting materials and options.

Additionally, Cartwright Landscaping has portable uplighting systems which we use to provide clients a first-hand look at the aesthetic and practical benefits uplighting can provide in various areas on their property.

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