Lawn Services

Cartwright Landscaping offers a range of lawn care services and we work with our customers to determine which services best fit their needs and their lawn.

Lawn Restoration (Aerating & Seeding) »

This service is recommended annually for homeowners looking to restore their lawn area through aeration and over-seeding. Lawns thin out each year due to wear from foot traffic, leaves lying on and within the grass during the Fall and Winter, and the stress caused by the Summer heat.

Lawn Renovation (Kill Off/Regrow) »

Our proven, multi-step approach is recommended for homeowners with unsightly lawns full of weeds and invasive grass who wish to upgrade their lawn area to make it healthy, lush, attractive and especially free of weeds and invasive grass.

Lawn Replacement (Sodding) »

Whether its a small area or your entire yard we have the expertise to get the job done right to ensure the long term health of your new turf. Our turf type tall fescue sod is purchased locally from Brookmead Sod Farm in Ashland and is cut, delivered and installed on the same day to ensure turf health.

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